Connecting people with brands. Attract new customers by advertising on a digital EVISION charger screen.



Electric vehicles chargers that are funded by advertisements.


How does it work?

Customers see your advertisement while they charge their electric vehicle for free. Your advertising messages are also seen by the wider public thanks to the large, ultra-bright HD display, placed in busy thoroughfares in high-end areas.


How will advertising on an evision charger benefit my business?

  • Attract new and repeat customers  - because it’s a free service, they’ll keep coming back and seeing your ad
  • Appeal to high-income customers – our chargers are installed in areas with high footfall and high-income customers
  • Increase brand awareness  - not only will EV drivers see your ad, but those around them will too
  • Increase sales and average customer value – by targeting high income customers

I'M CONVINCED. I want to advertise on a charger.

Great decision. You have taken the first steps to finding new customers and helping facilitate e-mobility for all. In the first instance just fill in a short form using the link below and we will call you back.