The rise of Digital Out Of Home advertising

“Zenith forecasts that DOOH will grow faster globally than all other buying methods, and PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that DOOH advertising revenues will overtake traditional media spend in 2020, growing at a rate of 15% a year for the next four years.” (Michael Wehner, AdAge, May 2017)

For some reading this you might ask “what is Digital Out Of Home?” (often written DOOH for short).

Well let's start by explaining what traditional Out Of Home (OOH) is.

Out and about

It’s the advertising you typically see on a bus shelter or billboard by the side of the road. But it also includes the advertising you see on the outside of a bus or in shopping malls, basically any advertising you see, em, out of your home. Easy right?

In recent years, many of the traditional ‘paper and paste’ poster boards have been replaced with modern digital signage. You may well have noticed these popping up, especially if you have recently visited Edinburgh’s most iconic thoroughfare, Prince’s Street. 

EVision_blog3_Edinburgh bus shelter3.jpg

The digital boards you see at each of the bus shelters are great examples of DOOH. 

Like giant captivating TV screens, the high definition and luminosity of the moving imagery is very eye-catching. This modern form of billboard provides a completely new canvas for advertising creatives to produce brilliant work that gets noticed.

Why digital is best

Over the last 10 years or more the spend on online advertising has grown year on year. The popularity of social media and mobile has accelerated this growth further, as advertisers find more and more ways to get their messages in front of an audience. In some cases this has been to the detriment of other, more traditional mediums, notably press. But not OOH.

The unique thing with DOOH is that, unlike internet or mobile marketing, it allows advertisers to target people in a real-life context. It’s not intrusive like internet and mobile. It is not interrupting a user’s online experience with an ad. Being location and context specific, it hits the perfect sweet spot of right message, right place, right time in the right way.


Exciting innovations

With improvements in technology, lower hardware costs and a trend for connected devices, the opportunities and possibilities for DOOH are extremely exciting. A revolution is taking place across the media landscape.

And with it we are seeing more innovative forms of DOOH, such as EVISION chargers, which combine an EV charger with a large digital display for advertising. Delivering a new, highly desirable audience to advertisers in a unique and engaging way. This technology is the first of its kind in the UK.

An effective medium

A recent study by Rapport and the IPA revealed some impressive numbers for the effectiveness of OOH as a medium. The study examined 147 case studies from the IPA’s Effectiveness Awards Databank and it found that those companies investing at least 15% of their marketing budgets in OOH saw a 26% increase in profits and their market share grow by a third.

Source: IPA Databank case studies 2004-2016

Source: IPA Databank case studies 2004-2016

Furthermore, a separate study in 2016 by Nielsen found 71% of digital billboard viewers find those ads to stand out more than online ads.

It is clear that DOOH popularity is matched by its effectiveness.

Now and into the future

The ‘Internet of things’ was a buzz phrase a few years ago but we are now starting to see it all around us. We are connected to more devices than ever before. ‘Big Data’ is the watchword of today, but ‘Live Data’ is the next big thing as speed and bandwidth increase exponentially. Data from mobile phones, smartwatches, wearables and many other connected devices will provide a direct feed to media planners and buyers. We will have rich location and behavioural data at our fingertips.

But what does this mean for DOOH? Well, DOOH is uniquely placed with real-time screens and live data feeds to take advantage of all this.

This improves the overall advertising experience for everyone. The public get more engaging and relevant, context-specific ads. Advertisers get more efficient, effective and targeted ad spend. And those creating the ads get to work on more innovative, creative and fun campaigns. Win win win.

This is why we are excited about EVISION charging. Not only are we helping to speed up the transition to a more sustainable future for transportation. We are doing this by providing an innovative and engaging advertising platform for the public and advertisers alike.

If you want to advertise on a truly pioneering DOOH platform and find attractive customers whilst helping the world, just give us a call.