EVISION chargers are state-of-the-art fast chargers, ideal for destination charging. A first for the UK, our EV chargers are dual purpose. Offering a 46" high definition touch screen display, allowing the public to interact with information and advertising messages.


Quality build

Quality is assured. EVISION chargers are manufactured by a government-approved supplier with thousands of chargers already successfully installed throughout the UK and Europe. The chargers fully comply with regulations and standards EN 61851 – 1 und EN 61851 - 22 with a weather rating of IP 44.

endless Advertising opportunities

Outdoor advertising is a fantastic medium to speak to your potential customers. EVISION chargers offer an ultra-bright, high definition display behind toughened anti-reflective glass so you can be assured your ads will look fantastic day or night. With a back-end cloud based content management system, your ads can be uploaded and activated remotely at any time. 

Free chargers. And free installation.

We offer a hassle-free, cost-free, complete turnkey solution.

How can we offer these for free? The advertising revenues covers the cost of the charging station, installation, ongoing maintenance, and providing free electricity, so EVISION is able to provide the chargers at no cost to the site owner.

Help us

Help us build the charging infrastructure to enable mass adoption of electric vehicles.